Business Approach

Justin Lucas Realty offers a modern & proven way to successfully navigate the consumer real estate journey through a transformative buying & selling approach

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High Touch

Justin Lucas focuses on ensuring his clients understand the entire process before they embark on their home buying or selling journey. He leverages his experience as Vice President of Learning & Development at Northern Trust to educate his clients and explain the process from first interaction through closing. 

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High Tech

Mr. Lucas leverages the latest technology to analyze market trends and provide his clients with the right insights to ensure they are able to make the most educated decision. From RealScout (provided by @properties) to InfoSparks (provided by Midwest Real Estate Data), Justin utilizes the most advanced technology to improve efficiency and accuracy for his clients. 

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Precision Approach

In addition to the technology used to improve accuracy, Justin tailors his approach for each unique client and situation. Every home is different; therefore, each property requires a specific marketing plan & pricing strategy. Similarly, each client is unique and Mr. Lucas approaches every client with openness to fully understand their needs and real estate goals. 

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Diversified Experience

Justin Lucas leverages years of consulting experience from Deloitte & Northern Trust to bring business acumen to the real estate industry. As a talent management consultant at Deloitte, he educated clients on business practices and provided road maps for new project / process implementations. Similarly, as the Vice President of Learning & Development at Northern Trust, Justin interviewed business unit executives to understand long-term goals, which he then used to create learning strategies to ensure the organization had the people and skills required to meet those business plans.