Smart & Automated Homes

As home automation increases in popularity, one home in Chicago stands above the rest in this category.

Smart home technology and home automation may be somewhat intimidating to some home buyers, but simple and easy to use technologies (such as our smart phones) can help transform our homes into more efficient and “Green” properties.

One couple in Andersonville was not intimidated when they took on the transformation and converted their house into a Smart Home.

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What does it mean to have a “Smart Home?” A smart home is a home equipped with internet-connected lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone, voice, or computer. Now what does that look like in practice and how does it help me? Good question.

The owners of this Andersonville Smart Home located at 1614 W. Winona St., Chicago, IL 60640 wanted to create a more efficient lifestyle and they wanted the ability to automate many of the activities most home owners currently endure.

For example, many of us currently have an Amazon Echo or Google Home, and while these devices are great at giving us the headline news or telling us the weather forecast, they are also capable of converting our properties into smart homes. With the addition of Lutron dimmable light switches and Belkin WeMo electrical switches, this home now has the technology to turn on, turn off, or dim the lights throughout the house. By simply saying: “Alexa, dim the kitchen lights to 20%” one can change the ambiance without touching a thing.


The owners of this property took it a step further and installed the ecobee smart WiFi thermostats, which are also connected to their Amazon Echo. This enables them to control the temperature in the house with simple voice commands.

Additionally, they’ve included the Chamberlain myQ garage door opener, which allows you to open and close the garage door from your phone. If you’ve ever driven away from your home in the morning before finishing that cup of coffee and thought for a second “Did I close the garage door?” this solves that problem and helps answer that question – even if you’ve already reached the office! This property is also wired with state of the art security systems from Xfinity and connected cameras from Blink for added privacy and peace of mind.


The owners have also integrated many of the technologies together to make the home truly smart. When the security system is armed, for example, the lights shut off and the thermostat is set to away mode to save energy.

The Andersonville Smart Home is for sale and listed by Justin Lucas with @properties at $1,100,000. Mr. Lucas can be reached at 312-989-0512 or for showings and smart home consultations.